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2016-06-18 at 22-48-33-Hints & TIpsYesterday, we received an email from someone (new to motorhoming) asking about toilet roll. We could sense the panic and anxiety in their tone and then remembered just how we felt when we got our first motorhome. A bit if a taboo subject but we thought we would put our thoughts down.

Before we purchased a motorhome we never even contemplated discussing the finer detail of loo roll. The nearest we came to a discussion – do we buy Andrex or a colour that complements of bathroom decor, that was about our limit. But now, we have taken toilet roll discussions to a new level. If you are new to the world of motorhoming then welcome to loo world, if you’re an old timer…please feel free to join in the comments.

What’s the big fuss?

In a motorhome, camper or caravan you have a portable toilet. The toilet needs to be emptied and if you don’t use the right toilet paper it can cause a block when emptying.

Toilet Paper Options

In order to avoid a potential clog or block in your toilet cassette, you want to use toilet paper that will break down in water. When the paper breaks down, it is much less likely to clog up your cassette. Obviously, a clogged tank is something that no one wants to deal with especially at a busy service station with plenty on lookers, so this is a topic that deserves your attention.

You can buy specific toilet paper but it is expensive and not always widely available. Many household toilet paper brands will do just fine especially 1 or 2 ply versions because they are not too thick. We have found Lidl 2 ply works really well.

A Quick Test

If you want to purchase toilet roll in advance or to see if a brand will be suitable then you can do a simple test. Take a couple sheets and place them into a container of water. Shake the container and if the loo roll breaks down then probably ok to use in your portable loo. If not broken down then it is potentially too thick and not suitable.


If you prefer a specific brand that is too thick then you can always place toilet paper in a dedicated paper bin or in a disposable bag.

A clogged cassette is a horrid job for anyone so in our opinion, it is worth finding a suitable branded toilet paper that is reasonably priced and readily available

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