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Cleaning the van, As you may have gathered I do like to keep the motorhome clean but when an opportunity arises I also clean the roof, reasons being:

  • It makes it shiny again so will reflect some of that heat away.
  • If the solar panels get too dirty it may impact their efficiency a little.
  • It stops all the black run marks from appearing on the sides of a motorhome so washing the rest of the van becomes much easier.

We don’t have a ladder on the back of the van so I climb through one of the roof windows. Fortunately Joanne says I’m as thin as Gandhi so I fit through no problem. Joannes arse would just get stuck if she tried (slap on the way), besides she doesn’t like walking along narrow ledges and there are few on the roof.

For general cleaning, I use car shampoo, bucket, sponge and telescopic cleaning brush. A good clean and then hose down with fresh water. I always clean under the wheels arches and the wheels to. As I clean I always check for scratched and any damage or marks. Recently, I waxed the motorhome and it has made a difference. The motorhome still gets dirty but it is so easy to clean off the marks and bugs especially on the front bonnet.

Tar marks on the bodywork & wheels? Use expensive cleaning products, no thanks, just try wiping it with a little petrol or WD40, they come straight off and it doesn’t damage the paintwork. Tar is a petroleum based product so petrol works a treat.

We keep some T-Cut in the van to help remove the marks left after brushing past trees etc. as it get the sap off no problem. I only do this though once or twice a year.

Always try and wash the van early in the day or when it’s cooler as the water will leave water marks everywhere before your get a chance to dry it off. I just use a cloth and wring it out often to remove the water.

Thin bleach can remove many marks from white paintwork and plastics, just wash off well afterwords.

Craig on the roof washing it from top to bottom.

Craig on the roof washing it from top to bottom.

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