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We have a 2013 Hymer B590 Starline and we named him Vin Diesel.  A left hand drive A-Class with Mercedes Sprinter as the base vehicle. Automatic gearbox with cruise control Mercedes Benz 519 CDi , 190 BHP.

Hymer B590 Starline

2015-10-23 at 16-36-56-AboutPlain white with usual Hymer stickers. The only additional items are

  • Rear camera for reversing
  • Three solar panels mounted on the roof
  • Satellite dish mounted on the roof
  • Side awning
  • Gas BBQ point

Doors – drivers door and habitation door. There is no passenger door. Both doors have steps and are independently locked.

Garage – located to the rear and great space for storing anything and everything. We have kitted the garage, so it is organised and well stocked.  One side of the garage is a utility room where we house the washing boxes, spinner and all things cleaning wise.  On the back wall we have pockets and racks for storing all sorts of stuff from bungie straps to boogie boards.  To the front of the garage we stack the table and chairs in an upright position and the Brompton bikes, which we strap down for safe travelling. Finally, our little Honda 125cc monkey bike slides in to the middle gap…perfectly.

Side Locker – small but wide storage space that houses our tool box, wheel chocks, Electric hook up and general fix it stuff.

Overall dimensions

  • Height 2.2 metres
  • Length 7.1 metres
  • Width 2.3 metres
  • Gross weight 5.3 tonnes
  • Engine Mercedes Sprinter 3000cc
  • Twin wheel rear axle
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Mercedes chassis



We have 2 GPL gaslow 21 litre bottles. This feeds our heating, fridge, freezer, oven and hob. In winter, we have our heating on all the time and it costs around €1 per day and in summer it is a little less. One full bottle lasts around 10-14 days. GPL is reasonably available through out Europe but each country has different connectors, so worth buying a brass connector kit in the UK .


We can hook up to the mains but most of our electric is generated from our solar panels. Our aim is to be as self sufficient as possible. If you are not connected to the mains and you want to use electric then you need to fit an inverter.  Baird solar panels 100w 12 volt, Schaudt solar panel regulator and 3 banner batteries.


Fresh water tanks holds 140 litres. Only fill with clean water and if in doubt don’t fill. Use Milton fluid to sterilise tank if required but rinse throughly. When filling it is worth having one piece of small hose pipe that you only ever use for inserting in to clean water. That way you can fit to your own or someone else’s pipe but it’s always clean.

Grey water (dirty water)

The tank holds around 80 litres of grey.  In winter, it is good to leave your heating on low overnight then the tanks remain heated.


2015-3-25-motorhomeCab area

Driver and passenger seats both recline and swivel round to create lounge seating.

Storage facility includes standard glove box plus the compartment on the right next to the passenger seat is ideal for storing maps, books, writing stuff, sunglasses and items you need whilst on the move.

We love the fact the Hymer has a massive windscreen…it is like a big TV screen / window to the world.

Blinds – vertical fabric blinds around the windscreen and side windows. Tuck neatly away, easy to access and no noise when travelling.

Located in the cab area

  • Pioneer AVIC satnav system which also acts as a reversing camera and links up with our iPad for music. We also have a TomTom which is much easier to use but generally use the iPad for Satnav.
  • Karcher window washer for removing the condensation that buildings up.
  • Discrete washing line that runs around cab frame so we can use the heat from windscreen to dry clothes.

Lounge / Dining area

L shaped couch that converts to double seats with seat belts when traveling. Additional right hand bench seat.

Dining table 360 degree swivel table that can be adjusted vertically or horizontally.

The overhead locker above the dining area is ideal for storing all dining accessories as well as breakfast cereals and snacks.  Both the L shaped bench and the additional bench seat contain under seating storage.

Large panoramic roof vent with LED lighting in the living area to let in plenty daylight and fresh air.

Habitation windows all have paper blinds with insulation backing plus mosquito netting.

Floors – wood laminate floor which is quiet warm so no need for carpet. We did have carpets made for the foot wells and an entrance mat to wipe you feet.

Lights – we switched all our bulbs for LED’s to save on energy.2015-3-23-motorhome

TV – Reflexion 18.5 LED. Mounted on side slider so we can watch tv in main seating area or in bed.

Satellite TV system – Oyster digital.

Evening meals are important to us, so we do have Corelli dinner set, which is light and durable and a good alternative to China. We also have two glass wine glasses, drinking out of plastic isn’t quite the same.

Display panel – shows clean water level, grey water level, engine battery, leisure battery volts and any alarms. Heater and water panels.



Fridge / Freezer – Dometic RMD 8555 with 190L fridge and 35L freezer.

Smev oven and grill

Dometic hob

Fantastic fan that can be used as an extractor or as a fan

Two deep drawers that hold pots, pans, plates and kettle. We disposed on the dividers and use plastic ikea wardrobe boxes. They act as a good flexible compartment to hold plates or cups. If things rattle stuff with kitchen towel, you can always use later.

Pans – we bought 3 stacking camping pans with collapsible handles.

Kettle – simple hob kettle with whistle.

Drainpipe – different lengths of drain pipe joined together to stack tin foil, utensils etc

Plastic tubs – tea, coffee, sugar all stored in clear tubs with lids. Don’t rattle when travelling and easy to wash and store. Crackers and biscuits also stored in sealable tubs to keep fresh but also secure from insects.

Tiny plastic drainer for pots

Collapsible bowl in sink so you can throw any dirty water outside rather than down drain. Helps stop things smelling.


Thetford toilet with sog unit. The sog is brilliant, it is a mini extractor, so no bad odours and no need to use expensive blu loo. We empty the toilet daily and make sure it is always clean. We don’t place any toilet roll in the loo then easier to keep clean.

Face towels instead of hand towels then you can wash and change regularly.

The bathroom mirror slides to the left with more storage behind and there is more storage under sink.

Drainpipe small lengths to hold cosmetic bottles and stop them rattling.


Separate shower space with corrugated door.

We use thinner bath and hand towels so they dry quicker.

Sucker hooks to hang shampoo and shower gel onto the shower walls.

Always rinse shower after use

De scales the walls monthly as water can often be very hard leaving lime scale deposits.

Towel rail helps to dry clothes as well as somewhere for towels.

Close the door and use as a mini drying room.



We have two beds. A king size bed over the cab area and a double bed towards the rear. We turn the mattresses regularly and have toppers on both beds.

The bed at the rear has storage space underneath.

Cupboard space all around the rear bed and small but practical wardrobe to the left.

Both beds are fixed and no need to assemble/disassemble daily.

Quilts – 10.5 and 4.5 tog to cover all seasons and a thin cotton sheet for when it hits roasting.

Bedsheets – always good quality cotton but thin, so we can wash and dry.


All cupboards lined with foam to absorb noise and prevent things from sliding around

If you are living in Motorhome long term then make it homely, it makes difference.

Hose out the grey tank at least monthly to get rid of soap residue.

We have smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Always keep doors locked

Floors – wooden double floor with a linoleum wood finish which is quiet warm so no need for carpet. We did have carpets made for the foot wells and an entrance mat to wipe you feet on though.

Lights – we switched most of our bulbs for LED’s to save on energy.


We call him Vin and on Sunday’s we call him by his full name Vin Diesel.

Why Vin Diesel?…When we first picked up our motorhome the engine sounded brilliant and straight away we thought of our late friend Vinny.  Our scuba diving buddy passed away a few years ago and he was a big diesel fan. As soon as the engine purred we could see Vinny smiling like a cheshire cat.  This combined with the fact Craig loves simple, short names, so Vin was an instant winner all round.

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5 thoughts on “Our Motorhome: Hymer B590 Starline

  • Jane


    We are looking to buy our first motorhome and rent our house out in order to start touring Europe next year. I have read so much about keeping the weight under 3.5 tonnes (we don’t have licence restrictions) and the length under 6m. I am interested to hear from someone who has a longer and heavier van what the disadvantages are, the advantages are obvious (better living space/ ability to carry more kit). Am enjoying your blog, thanks for taking time to reply and help out a newbie.

    Jane x

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Hi Jane, sounds like you are at the start of a great adventure and life changer!

      We used to have a 3.5 before the motorhome, so hopefully provide a balanced view. The living space is identical on both vans. When touring for a long period of time you need to be able to carry stuff to cover for all seasons and for all activities. From flipflops to wellies! Having loads of capacity allows us the freedom to stock up and also carry our motorbike in the garage.
      Our 3.5 struggled on some of the mountain passes, which is quite hair raising. We weren’t over capacity but the breaks soome over heated.
      Fuel is obviously a little bit worse on but not major
      Vehicle length on 3.5 and 5 is the same, so all tolls and ferries are same price.
      A fee countries like Hungary charge the vignette based on vehicle capacity, so more expensive.

      When people say dont go over 3.5 we always took that to dont exceed your weight by overloading your vehicle. Not necessarily dont buy a vehicle over 3.5. So many people do not check their weight because they assume loads of capacity but by the time you fill you van with water, food and some basics, it pretty much at capacity. When over capacity the motorhome becomes unstable, illegal and invalidates your insurnace. Having 5 ton means you never have to worry.

      Hope that helps

      • Jane

        Thank you, that settles it, i will stop worrying about the 3.5 tonne limit and get something more substantial that will carry all our gear in comfort x

  • Claudia

    When will you be getting your new motorhome and what will you do with Vin? I retire in 56 days and we plan to do some travelling… Vin would be perfect for the 2 of us. Would you consider renting it out?